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This site looks to explore the interesting history of perhaps the greatest band of all time. There are doubters who exist that claim The Beatles are a very overrated band and that there are far better bands of past and present. If you happen to meet one of these people, simply tell them they do not know what they are talking about.


The Beatles have made more influential songs and albums than any other act in history. The fact that so many people are still listening to them today and their music is still popular speaks for itself. John, Paul, George, and Ringo are an essential part of music history and their contributions will likely never be forgotten. You may wonder why the site has the title the5experience when there are only four members of the band. Simple really, how can you talk about The Fab Four without including their legendary produced Sir George Martin?


So other than being clearly biased to the music and legacy of The Beatles, what else is in this site you may ask? Well, you can view interesting and amusing stories from the band’s history, recording and songwriting techniques the band used, quotes from the band, a discography, and even the musical equipment the band used to make their famous records.


We could go on forever discussing what is the best album and such, but really this site is simply just an insight into the band and their musical genius. Not many people know that The Beatles purchased an island to escape their screaming fans, but when they broke up sold said island. It is not common knowledge that The Beatles wanted to star in a film version of The Lord of the Rings, and they wanted Stanley Kubrick to direct it. These are the kind of things that you may learn while visiting.


So come on in, come look into the Glass Onion with us, maybe you will see a Yellow Submarine populated by some psychedelic lads from Liverpool.