About Me

As a fan of music I have liked The Beatles since the first day I heard their music. Even today I find myself going back and listening to their huge body of work and admiring the simple effectiveness of their songs and albums. At times I have wondered what the band would be like today if they were still together, and in some strange way I am happy they stopped making music at the time they did. In many ways they had released albums that would be very difficult to top, and the relationships in the band would likely have soured if they had stayed together.


I am not a fan of the argument that The Beatles are the most overrated band of all time. Sure, they perhaps got to a point where they could probably record virtually any garbage and people would have bought it, but they always produced quality songs. No other band has come close to matching their musical legacy, and no other band has recorded as many hit songs in their career. Does that mean they are the best band ever? Of course not. People have their own musical tastes and not everyone likes The Beatles brand of music. However, I do think that the fact the band remains so popular and well know today to all generations of music fans speaks volumes about the influence the band has had.


It is difficult to recall the first time I heard a song by the band, but I do remember hearing “Yesterday” as a young boy, although I have to admit it is not one of my favorite songs by the group. I was given a copy of A Hard Day’s Night as a teenager, but it didn’t exactly leave much of an impression on me. It wasn’t until I listened to Revolver, The White Album,and Sgt. Pepper’sthat I really began to love the band. The fact that they could right about obscure topics and make them so easy to visualize was an interesting notion for me. A lot of their music was visual for me, and I liked to watch how that was interpreted in movies such as Yellow Submarine.


George was always my favorite Beatle as he was kind of an underdog in the band. I remember watching a documentary with one of the album recordings and Paul was giving George a hard time about something. I really felt sorry for him and could see that he wasn’t always allowed to just be himself in the band and had to scale down some of his guitar parts to accommodate the other players. To me he just seemed the most genuine of the members, and he didn’t really seem to crave the spotlight as maybe John and Paul did in the early days. Ringo too had a similar appeal to me for his ability not to draw too much attention to himself, but remain integral to the sound of his band.


For me if you have not listened to the music of The Beatles you are missing out. People I have met who make disdainful comments are few and far between, and I think their fans will continue to be present for as long as music is made.