Band Members

John Lennon


John was one of the most legendary singers of all time. His life was tragically ended at a young age by a crazed fan, but his mark on the music world remains. His love of blues and American Rock and Roll defined the early sound of the band. At times he was an often intense character and certainly had his own inner demons, but he wrote many classic songs in the band’s repertoire. A lot of people seem to think they know what John was all about, and he is often considered a huge loss to the music world. Regardless of how John’s life ended, what matters is that his spirit remains on the wonderful music he and his band created.


Paul McCartney


Paul is another legendary figure in The Beatles legacy. Meeting John Lennon was an important moment in music history as they went on to write countless hit songs. He definitely was a controversial figure after the band split up, as some people have accused him of making money on the back of the band’s success. Paul probably gets criticized because he is driven by his music and loves to perform. That fact that he is still going today points to the fact he has been the most successful of all the band members. As a songwriter and touring musician he has continued to remain active into his seventies and he does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.









George Harrison


George was an incredibly important part of the sound of the band. His guitar playing brought their music onto a new level, especially as they got into more experimental music and George brought sitars and other interesting elements into the musical mix. There is a belief that Harrison’s contribution to the band was stifled by John and Paul, but the reality is he contributed many classic songs to their back catalogue. Like John, George was also a victim of an attack, but he luckily survived. He is remember for his easygoing attitude, legendary guitar












Ringo Starr


Ringo was and is an influential drummer. He did not necessarily get the same respect as some of the members because he was in the background so to speak, but his drumming and humorous personality were essential in the legacy of The Beatles.

He also made key song contributions to several Beatles albums and even sang on occasion. Like all of the other members of the band, Ringo forged a solo career after The Beatles split up. The success that brought him continues to this day as he still releases records and frequently tours.




First of all, Sir George was technically never a member of The Beatles. What is blatantly obvious though is the fact that he was a defining contributor to their sound and creation of many of their records. Getting his start producing some obscure pop songs, Brian Epstein eventually asked him to listen to a band he had discovered. At first Sir George was skeptical, but eventually he was won over by the quality of Lennon and McCartney’s signing and songwriting. He is truly the fifth Beatle.