Recording and Songwriting

-John and Paul are generally credited to be the main songwriters in the band up until Revolver. Then George Harrison became a lot more involved in songwriting with the band.


-At times George Harrison felt his songs did not get as much attention from the band as the ones written by John and Paul.


-John and Paul were a great songwriting team as they used their similar backgrounds growing up to influence their music. They also loved R and B and Rock and Roll.


-When the band first started out, touring was often relentless and a lot of spare time in hotels and at home in Liverpool was spent working on songs.


-Brian Epstein, the band’s manager, set them a goal of releasing a new record every 6 months.


-Paul worked relentlessly on a song once he had an idea. Contrastingly, John would often start a piece and go back and finish it months later.


-Ringo was often not a huge contributor to the songwriting, but on later albums he began to make his presence felt.